The Forgotten - David Baldacci After reading [b:Zero Day|11007587|Zero Day (Puller, #1)|David Baldacci||15926531] featuring John Puller (which I greatly enjoyed), I was interested in joining another adventure/investigation with the big man. Army CID investigator Puller is catching some R&R when he is asked by his father to investigate a possible situation in Paradise Florida - his Aunt Betsy Puller has sent a cryptic letter detailing very vague unusual happenings around town. Having very good memories of visiting his Aunt and rather concerned, Puller immediately picks up stakes and goes to Paradise where bad things are indeed happening.

Puller immediately gets on the wrong side of the local cops and the local gang bangers. As usual, Puller has one seemingly innocuous encounter after another while investigating. He runs into (quite literally) another huge guy (Mecho) staying at the same hotel. Mecho is a wildcard with a one-track mind. His sister was taken by slavers and he is in Paradise for vengeance. How these incidents intersect with Puller's investigation of his Aunt's death is the mystery.

I really like Puller's character. He is one of those guys who actually knows what the uniform means and acts accordingly. I'm very interested in finding out his brother's story. He's in a military prison for treason and even as close as Puller and his brother seem to be, they never discuss the situation. I find it hard to believe that Puller's brother is a bad seed and am anxiously awaiting the reveal. I'm wondering if it's some kind of sting operation where the brother is incarcerated to fake the real criminal(s) into thinking the military has found it's bad guy and given up it's investigation (whatever that happens to be.) Hmmm I will definitely be reading the next installment.