The Dragon Who Loved Me - G.A. Aiken I didn't like this one as much as others in the series. It doesn't immediately grab you and I found it difficult to get into. The many characters and enemies are introduced too quickly. Every time I thought I had a handle on it, some other faction/character was introduced. The story bounces around too much with group getting 1-2 pages before the action changes to someone else. It was hard to follow. Usually I blow through these books because the dialogue between the hero and heroine is snappy, snarky and just plain fun. There is little of that in this book until over halfway through. This one is all war, battle and angry females (lots of them). Vigholf was very funny but most of what he said went right over Rhona's head. For such a brilliant woman she sure was clueless about men.

I really liked the twins (Talan and Talwyn) as they are vicious little things which will be interesting when they grow up. And Rhian the little witch has amazing powers and I'm interested in her story as well. Too bad she's only 7 so I guess it'll be awhile. I enjoyed seeing the hero and heroines from previous books and found it funny that they still exhibited the same behaviors as before - being mated hasn't settled them at all.