Chocolate Chip Cookie Murder - Joanne Fluke I enjoyed finding out when/where both Norman and Mike came into the picture being that I the only book I've read in this series is #14. It's kind of disappointing to know that she's still dithering 14 books later. I liked the who done it and was surprised as I definitely didn't see it coming though with the clues, I should have. I'm not much of a baker (ok I suck) but Ms. Fluke makes it sound so easy and simple. I love the various recipes tossed in periodically. I did find it weird that when she caters a party she only brings one type of cookie. What if someone is allergic to it? I guess they don't get any.

The only issue I had with the book was the cat, Moishe. He's a 25 founder yet she picks him up and tucks him under her arm again and again. Now I have a 25 pound cat and I wouldn't even try to pick him up, forget about tucking him under my arm - he's definitely a two-hander (and I work in a warehouse). It's like carrying a wobbly cinderblock - definitely not something I would do daily or in some cases, many times a day. I guess Hannah has more muscles than I do.