Romeo, Romeo - Robin Kaye I absolutely loved this book! Dominick Romero is my new book boyfriend. Yummy!

After viewing her parents marriage, Rosalie Ronaldi is totally against marriage and only dates men she knows she isn't going to fall for. That is until she meets hottie Nick Romero whom she mistakenly thinks is just a lowly mechanic. Little does she know. I loved the romance though they think they are just having a no-strings-attached fling. The steam factor is high and the sparks fly whenever they are together. I always love it when one or the other is in denial but in this book, they both are. It was fun watching them realize...finally that what they have is something special.

Ms. Kaye is a wonderful author and I look forward to reading other books in the series though the next one involves Annabelle and I really don't like her.