Dark of Night - Suzanne Brockmann I think out of all the Troubleshooters books I've read, this is my favorite. I love how Suzanne Brockmann weaves all the agents stories together into one big clusterf**k. In this one Jimmy Nash is being targeted by an unnamed agency for assassination. All the gang come together to protect him and to unravel the clues to the agencies identification. We get a great romance between Tracy and Decker. I loved the fact that Decker is so "lost" and Tracy is able to pull him back from the brink with her zaniness and love. The romance between Dave and Sophia was a surprise and again the emotional upheaval for both of them was amazingly well-written. Even Nash and Tess had a few heart-to-heart conversations that were gut-wrenching.

The prologue was intense. You couldn't help but feel the heat between Dave and Sophia. Check out this passage...
He didn't try for tender, didn't go for sweet - not that it would have made a difference if he had, because trying to wrangle the heat that sprang up between them would have been as futile as trying to put out a five-alarm fire with a baby blanket.

Does that give you an image or what? This book has excellent prose throughout that just forces you to feel the emotions that each and every character was experiencing. A romantic masterpiece with some serious suspenseful action tossed in as well. This book totally took place in the US (California to be exact) and maybe that's why I loved it.