Highlander's Challenge - Jo Barrett I absolutely loved the details of Scotland and descriptions of the castles and surrounding areas. Scotland is one of the few places I'd really like to go but probably never will. So I have to live vicariously through Scots romances. I'm terrible trying to decipher accented speech but i do love to listen to them speak with that brogue. Ooh la la!

I loved when Amelia called Colin Sassquatch and ogre. Too funny! Especially since he had no idea what she meant. The fact that she was a big (tall not fat) woman and out of place (a misfit) in her own time, prepared her for Scotland in 1584. She didn't give any quarter to Colin (or anyone else for that matter). I loved her strong personality even if it was derived from a retched childhood. I like this combination (tough Scot and hard-as-nails time traveling woman) better than the simpering female who usually goes back in time. This is much more exciting and interesting. I can't wait to dive into romeo Ian's story.