Deep Black: Death Wave - Stephen Coonts;William H. Keith Jr. Islamic terrorists along with a rogue ex-Chinese military guy is planning a geological terrorist attack that will cause thousand foot high waves that will decimate the Eastern seaboard of the United States. Black ops agents Charlie Dean, Ilya Akulinin and Lia DeFrancesca are deployed to various European countries to locate the missing nuclear weapons that will be used in this attack.

This is an exciting book with a plot that in theory could actually work which makes it a thriller with nasty implications. I liked the characters of Charlie, Ilya and Lia. They have good morals and are what I think of when I picture military persons - doing the right thing regardless of the consequences to themselves.

This is the first book I've read by Stephen Coonts but I will definitely be reading more books in this series.

For those of you doing Around the World challenges - this book takes place in the following countries - Spain, Germany, Somalia, Canary Islands, Afghanistan, Tajikistan and in the US (New Jersey and Washington DC.)