Lost Love Found - Bertrice Small I had a feeling that I wasn't going to like this book and boy was I right. It had way too many pages of boring Court intrigue (or lack of intrigue) and political shenanigans having nothing to do with Valentina. And Valentina herself was wishy-washy. I really couldn't find anything to like about her or either of her suitors. Both were overly aggressive and had no respect for a lady, not that Valenina acted like one. This book takes place in 1601 where chastity was a virtue. Granted Valenina was a widow but she acted like a slut - trying out one guy after another. Distasteful. She had the nerve to say to the second guy she had sex with (in roughly two weeks or so) "I am not a wanton to couple with every man who takes my fancy." WTH that is exactly what she was doing!

At that point I gave up. 205 pages of this crap was more than I could stand. Not only did I give up but I also threw the book in the garbage. Good riddance.