The Big Over Easy - Jasper Fforde Inspector Jack Spratt of the Nursery Crimes Division was in charge of all crimes happening to nursery rhymes characters - the three little pigs, Bo-Peep, Rumplestiltskin etc. In this series starter, Jack along with his partner Mary Mary, investigates the murder of Humpty Dumpty. I enjoyed the premise of this book but it tended to drag and the antics of Fiedland Chymes was incredibly irritating.

This book is filled with numerous play-on-words and terrible puns. Along with names such as Mrs. Sittkomm, Winsum & Loosum's Pharmeceuticals and St. Cerebellum's mental hospital. While Jack's past investigations include sheep rustling from Miss Bo-Peep; the murder of the Big Bad Wolf by the three little pigs; and the conviction of Rumplestiltskin for turning straw into gold.

The only issue I had with the book was the repeated use of articles from various newspapers/dailies which headed each chapter and the whole concept of fighting crime in order to publish in the Amazing Crimes Stories magazine. It was bizarre and seemed to be counter-productive to the usual police procedures. All in all a good start to the series and I think I will read [b:The Fourth Bear|148809|The Fourth Bear (Nursery Crime, #2)|Jasper Fforde||948571] where Jack and Mary Mary investigate the Gingerbreadman, a vicious serial killer and look for "Goldie" last seen by the three bears.