In Harm's Way (Walt Fleming Novel) - Ridley Pearson Another installment in the Walt Flemming series set in Sun Valley, Idaho where the rich and famous come to play in the great outdoors.

Lou Boldt, a Seattle detective is investigating the fatal beating of Caroline Vetta, which somehow connects to the murder of a retired football player in Sun Valley. Walt Flemming and Lou Boldt combine forces to get the Hollywood types to cooperate with both investigations.l

Sometime police photographer, Fiona Kenshaw has a secret from her past that is interfering with her relationship with Walt. After a recent attack, she is dealing with a slight case of amnesia and her missing protege (a battered woman) who disappeared the night Fiona was attacked.

These events collide and Fiona's reluctance to communicate with Walt forces him to think she is somehow involved in his investigation.

I love Ridley Pearson's writing style. He sets the story out in such a way as to intrigue the reader with facts and red herrings yet keep you guessing until the very end.