Love in a Nutshell - Dorien Kelly, Janet Evanovich I really love these quirky romances by Janet Evanovich and assorted co-writers. They are cute with hottie guys, ditzy (but hilarious) heroines and screwy circumstances. Who could ask for more in a funny romance.

Kate Appleton has returned to her childhood vacation home with the hopes of renovating the cottage into a Bed and Breakfast. Unfortunately her parents have allowed the mortgage to go into arrears (is that the correct term?) and now someone has purchased the property and is trying to evict her so they can build a restaurant on the site. Kate is practically destitute and unemployed when she coerces Matt Culhane at the local microbrewery into a job. The pay sucks but the potential payoff is huge. Kate likes Matt alot but has sworn off men until she gets her life back in order after her divorce. Yeah like that's gonna happen. :)

Everyone in town loves Matt Culhane except for the mysterious person sabotaging his business. Matt hires Kate as a corporate spy to infiltrate his business and find the saboteur with a bonus if she pulls it off in a certain time frame. Of course, Matt is instantly taken with Kate and her quirky personality.

This is a fun romp with lots of laughs and a slow courtship that is just plain fun to experience.