Wake Up Dead: A Cape Town Thriller - Roger  Smith I liked the story but this is a tough read and not for the faint of heart. I kept reading hoping that something would redeem someone but no such luck. This is a rough book from beginning to end.

All the characters have basically lost or given up their humanity and therefore have few redeeming qualities. I can honestly say that I didn't like any of the characters, they are all violent and out for themselves. Though Piper is the only one who actually scared me. What a maniac. Our heroine (and I use that turn lightly since she murdered her husband) is not a very nice person and I was surprised when she made it through unscathed. But I guess the author couldn't kill everyone off now could he?

The story moves from one violent encounter to another without stopping for breath and violence is definitely the name of the game in Capetown - murder, blackmail, gang rape, drugs, kidnapping, assault, nasty prison encounters and basically anything else of a violent nature that you can imagine was in this novel. The author definitely has a way with words. I listened to the audiobook so I can only recall one sentence but it's a doosey.

He was fighting his way out like a newborn out of a world of shit.