The Accidental Tourist - Anne Tyler I am definitely in the minority with this book. I hated it! The main character, Macon, is such a bore, compulsive and just plain crazy. It's no wonder his wife left him. Heck it's a wonder how she lasted 20 years in the first place! I assume his pathetic life was supposed to be humorous but I found nothing funny about it or his nutso family. I found Macon's whiny, indecisive attitude very depressing and annoying.

And Muriel, my God, I would run screaming from someone like her. She never shut the hell up! She was desperate and kept pushing herself at Macon (yeah because he's someone you want in your life...NOT!) I didn't find her behavior endearing at all, heck it was scary and stalkerish.

I just couldn't connect with Macon, or anyone else for that matter, which made for a truly torturous reading experience. Nothing happened in the entire book. I kept waiting for Macon to realize what's important but it never happened. And the ending was beyond ridiculous. This is my first and last Anne Tyler book as this type of writing should be reserved for those with an appreciation for depressing prose.