First Lord's Fury - Jim Butcher This is the conclusion to the Codex Alera series and I think Jim Butcher did a fantastic job weaving all the people, places and things into a nice cohesive story. Butcher writes in such a way that even though the Vord Queen is the villain and a nasty one at that, there were times when I actually felt sorry for her. I admit to being totally creeped out by the wax spiders and eating the croach, OMG I think I'd rather starve to death.

I loved seeing Tavi, Maximus, Crassus and Fidelias mature and come into their own. I also liked that no one important really died. Oh they were hurt sometimes fatally but due to fury craft, they were magically revived. A neat trick. It was interesting how everyone - friend or foe - came together against the Vord, the common enemy. I was sad to see the series end but with the Vord defeated, what else could be said. Maybe there will be a spin off series bringing us back to Alera.