The Chief - Monica McCarty My issues with Christina dropped this from a 5 star rating. She's such a sap and her begging Tor for scraps of affection got irritating. Tor's confusion over his reaction to Christina was fun to watch but the constant action of his balls to any hint of skin got annoying. I love me a "I don't need no stinking woman" hero. It's so much fun watching them fall but Tor's attitude bordered on cruelty which wasn't romantic at all. The first two or three hundred pages were great historically but not so romantic.

Tor is tasked by Robert the Bruce with training an elite group of warriors who will ultimately wreak havoc on England in the fight for Scotland's freedom. This is a secret mission and even his wife cannot know what is going on. Of course this is going to backfire since if a man acts suspicious around a woman, she is going to investigate. Why is it always the way that the hero doesn't realize the depth of his affection until the woman is in grave danger?

All in all a super start to the Highland Guard series. I look forward to further adventures from the 10 warriors.