The Darkest Lie - Gena Showalter I've always liked Gideon, the keeper of Lies, who cannot speak the truth or he's hit with debilitating pain which knocks him out for days. But his reverse speak was annoying and distracting until I started reading his dialogue without the negative words. Then it flowed better and was more understandable and enjoyable.

Scarlet is a psychologically wounded warrior and as the keeper of Nightmares she's too dangerous to be left to her own devices so she's been locked up her entire life. Her story is surprising and heartbreaking. When she is finally locked up where she can get to Gideon, she tells him that they are married. Of course, Gideon has no recollection of this and the remainder of the book is his attempt to get to the truth.

There are two additional ongoing plots that involve Aeron, Amun and William entering hell to rescue Legion and Strider kidnapping Haidee and we see a possible future story arc. Very interesting happenings with the Lords. I will definitely be reading [b:The Darkest Secret|9394010|The Darkest Secret (Lords of the Underworld, #7)|Gena Showalter||13277173] in the near future.