Kiss Me Deadly - Michele Hauf I didn't read the first book in the series so I didn't have any of the vampire/witch back story. I liked Nikolaus but Ravin got on my nerves. She's supposed to be this big bad vampire assassin but she's wishy-washy. She's sold her soul to the devil and must perform three tasks in order to redeem her soul. One of the tasks is making a love potion for the devil. Unfortunately after it's made but before it can be turned over to the minion, Nikolaus comes busting into her house and gets doused with the potion. Now Nikolaus is there to kill Ravin yet he is instantly over-the-top in love which is understandable but what is strange and hard to digest is Ravin's capitulation. She HATES vampires and has been killing them for over 200 years and suddenly she's sleeping with one? It just didn't jibe.

If you ignore this ridiculous situation, the rest of the book was interesting. I will probably read the final book in the series but only because I already own it. I doubt it will be read anytime soon though.