Nevermore - James Patterson Nothing really happens for the entire book. Oh there's one or two fight scenes but that's it. Max is boring and very angsty over Dylan and Max. Fang finally pulls his head out of his butt and returns to Max but only because the Voice in his head told him too and suddenly he's in love with Max again. WTH? And don't get me started on who the voices was revealed to be. You've got to be kidding me!

The apocalypse theme was potentially interesting but went absolutely no where. I mean seriously, in the last few chapters they finally talked about the 99% guys and they are suddenly expected to actually do something about it in the final 20 pages or so. WTH is up wit that?

All in all a pretty lame conclusion to a series that was pretty darn good up until this book. And this is supposed to be the final book but it was kind of left unfinished and definitely open to a sequel. Boy do I hope not.