Bad to the Bone - Jeri Smith-Ready We're back with the vampire DJ's at WVMP radio and Ciara Griffin. There are quite a few things going on: (1) a journalist is pressing the station for an in depth interview for Rolling Stone Magazine - looking for the real story; (2) a religious group is attacking WVMP's airwaves and spouting religious gobble-de-gook while plotting to kill all vampires; (3) a vampire dog is rescued by Ciara (yes I did say Vampire dog); and (4) we mustn't forget Ciara's special holy blood.

I enjoyed the story but felt the writing was choppy. I kept having to reread passages to find out what I missed. Turns out I didn't miss anything as the plot just jumped from one subject to another missing a few details. This didn't detract from the story but it was disconcerting.

I really liked the chapter titles - very clever and appropriate song titles. Definitely not my kind of music but the use of the songs and lyrics was a neat touch and definitely something a DJ would be able to spout without question. I will definitely be continuing this series.