Chosen by a Horse - Susan Richards If you are an animal lover, this book is going to make you cry...real tears. People issues don't bring me to tears since a good portion of issues are self inflicted so I just say get over it but when an animal is hurt by uncaring (or vicious) humans, that's a different story. Most animals haven't done a damn thing to humans and to treat them inhumanely is devastating to the animal and to humans who care.

That being said, this book isn't really about "how a broken horse fixed a broken heart" as the cover states. By the time Lay Me Down enters Susan's life, she has already left her abusive husband, has given up her alcoholic crutch and has already moved onto a fulfilling life as a social worker. Her horses (3 of them) provide her with all the love and friendship anyone needs but when the SPCA calls asking if she can foster a mistreated horse, she agrees. Lay Me Down is a sweet horse and her situation will bring you to tears.

The only thing that annoyed me with this book (and why it didn't get 5 stars) was her relationship with Hank who is a guy she met 6 years previously at a dinner with friends. He calls out of the blue and invites her to dinner. She accepts and even though they have absolutely nothing in common and he's a slob and a philistine (he doesn't read), she continues to see him knowing she has no interest in a real relationship with this man. When he asks her to marry him (at the third date), she is flabbergasted and dare I say disgusted, yet she doesn't say no. (She doesn't say yes either.) I understand that she's lonely and finally after ten years, trying to find a man to connect with but what's the point other than the fact that he called her and she didn't have to go hunting. But if he's not the one, why bother? Oh well, I still enjoyed the book and I will admit to bawling my eyes out at the end.