Dead to the World - Charlaine Harris I absolutely loved this book! Eric is by far my favorite character and he was center stage in this installment though admittedly not himself. Poor Sookie doesn't have it easy. Her brother Jason is her only family - a womanizer who disappears in this one. Her boss Sam, a dog shifter has the hots for her. Vampire Eric Northman who she secretly has the hots for. Bill Compton, her vampire ex-boyfriend heads off to Peru before all the action starts. Werewolf Alcide, whom she likes but he has a girlfriend, a werewolf whose tried to kill her. And a were-panther who wants a broodmare to put new life in the family gene pool. Oh an let's not forget the evil witches that have come to town to take over the vampire businesses. A whole lot going on and of course, Sookie is in the middle of everything as usual.

This is action packed from page one until the last page. The mystery of her brothers disappearance is interesting and keeps the reader guessing. The mystery of what the heck the witches want is enough to keep the pages turning. And Eric's bizarre behavior is fun to "watch". Poor Sookie, she just can't catch a break.