Haunting Embrace - Erin Quinn A fantastic conclusion to the Mists of Ireland quartet! All the loose ends are finally tied up with the satisfying story of Aedan, the powerful entity of the Book of Fennore and Meaghan Ballagh, the sister of Danni and Ruairi. Meaghan and Aedan get tossed out of the book of Fennore and land in the 1950's on the Isle of Fennore where Meaghan's grandmother (the one who dies in the second book) is raising Meaghan's father. The legend of the White Fennore (the witch who trapped the Druid in the book) is center stage and some how connected to Meaghan. This is a sweet love story that's been waiting 1000 years for a happy ending. What a wonderful book and a terrific series. Erin Quinn is my new favorite author!