Shadow Bound - Erin Kellison I don't usually like zombie stories but this one was cloaked. The author calls them wraiths but their behavior and demeanor screams zombie. Anyway, I liked the premise that Adam Thorne is trying to discover how to kill his brother, the wraith who killed their parents. Due to a paper she wrote detailing Shadowman, Talia O'Brien enters his radar. He proceeds to track her down and basically kidnap her. I found this disturbing especially when Adam decides he's smitten. Yeah I get it's a romance but the romance definitely took a back seat to the wraith investigation. On the other hand, the wraiths determination to get Talia (why?) and the governments response (WTH?) held me hostage. I enjoyed the suspense and action but the romance just didn't do it for me. For most of the book, Adam is a controlling jerk while Talia is a ninny. She hates him and then suddenly they're in love. It just didn't work.

I have the second in the series (?) and will read it to find out what happens next. Maybe Adam and Talia will have a real romance and redeem themselves. Hey it could happen.