11th Hour - Maxine Paetro, James Patterson Lindsay Boxer, detective; Yuki Castellano, assistant District Attorney; Cindy Thomas - investigative reporter; and Claire Washburn - medical examiner are at it again, apparently for the 11th time (hence the title). Lindsay is pregnant but that doesn't keep her from investigating two bizarre murder sprees. The first is a vigilante killing drug dealers in spectacular ways and the second is a gruesome discovery at a millioniare actors mansion, skulls buried in the backyard. With the help of the Women's Murder Club, Lindsay brainstorms and helps solve both crimes.

Other than a strange scene with her husband (which was totally over the top and very unlike Lindsay), the story was well-written and engaging. I really felt for Lindsay and Rick when they had to confront their former partner as a suspect. I really like this series as it features women doing what men do only better.