Steampunk Poe - Edgar Allan Poe, Zdenko Bašić, Manuel Sumberac I am definitely in the minority here but I mostly hated this book. It was absolutely not what I expected. There was nothing Steampunky about it really. Just a reprinting of Poe's stories with steampunkish pictures added. Don't get me wrong, I liked the pictures but they weren't really what I consider steampunk.

I remember reading some Poe when I was younger and I thought I liked it but after reading this book, I wonder what all the hype is about. Poe's writing is a terrible, rambling, flowery mess. For most of it, I had to read twice just to figure out WTH he was trying to say. I guess this is how they spoke and wrote in the late 1800 but my God what crap. The prose just rambles on and eventually gets to a point (many many pages later). Reading this book was torturous as all the stories are in the first person and one just flows into the next.