Fifty Shades Darker - E.L. James For a 532 page book, not a lot of nothing happened. The writing is still like a high schooler wrote it using a thesaurus every once in a while but not nearly enough. If Ana thought Holy cow or Holy fuck once more I thought I was going to scream. And her inner goddess, could she get any more annoying? She's so needy, naive and insecure.

I love me a tortured hero but Christian is just too much. He wasn't kidding when he said "Fifty shades of fu**ed up!" He's so possessive and even more needy than Ana and that is almost too hard to believe. I wish I had counted how many times they said I love you but all I can say is it was way too many. This book was so nauseatingly sweet that I wanted to puke.

Personally I think they made up way too fast, it just wasn't believable. Come on, if someone beats you that badly (and they are f*d up to boot) are you really going to go crawling back? For Pete's sake, we're talking about a two week relationship here.

Oh well, enough complaining. The first book was like a train wreck, you just had to keep reading. This one I had to force myself to finish. Forget about the hero and heroine, what could the last book possibly have in store for the reader? Maybe I'll find out...and maybe not.