Third Grave Dead Ahead - Darynda Jones I love this series! Charley is probably the funniest heroine I've ever encountered. Her inner dialogue just slays me. Check this out...

"I strode toward Mr. Coffee with lust in my eyes. We'd had a thing for quite some time now, Mr. Coffee and I, and there was just enough of him left for one more cup. No need to make a fresh pot, to get him all hot and bothered."

"After an epic search, I finally found something neither green nor fuzzy. It was a hot sausage link. I named it Peter, mostly because I liked naming things and partly because it seemed like the right thing to do. As soon as my java was piping hot, I popped him into the microwave. Hopefully the radioactive environment would sterilize Peter. No need to have litter Peters running around, wreaking havoc."

I laughed so hard (well snorted actually) that I startled my co-workers and later on my cats. This book was a mix of humor, hotter than hell sexual encounters and suspense. Totally worth the three hours it took to read. I just love Reyes and am anxiously awaiting Fourth Grave Beneath My Feet.