Dragon in Chains - Daniel Fox This is a book written by a man for a man's enjoyment. It is full of senseless violence with a plot that is apparently being stretched out to make this into a series.

The current emperor is a boy (teenage?) who is a puppet for his mother who really rules. They have been chased out of the city by rebels and are regrouping on an island. The emperor's people are violent and spend all their time raping and pillaging the town for no reason as the people are more than willing to just give them what they want. The rebels are no better. They are on the mainland killing all the emperor's troops (who are waiting to be ferried to the island) and raping and pillaging. There are also pirates (working for themselves) who are kidnapping and torturing people and making them into slaves.

There is absolutely nothing to redeem this story. There are just too many "main" characters with only a few of them good people. Everyone else is violent and has ulterior motives. Daniel Fox is apparently a British author but the book reads like a translation with poor sentence structure and sentences written in the wrong tense. The book shifts point of view with no warning and it takes paragraphs to figure out which group of violent characters is now center stage. Definitely not a series I will be continuing.