Half Past Dead - Zoe Archer, Bianca D'Arc The Undying Heart by Zoe Archer ★★★★★
I'm not one for zombies but zombie Sam Reed isn't your average zombie. He has morals and hates the man who turned him with a passion. On his mission of vengeance, he reconnects with his childhood friend, Cassandra Fielding who is now an agent of the Blade of the Rose, an organization dedicated to destroying the Heirs of Albion, a group of people who abuse magic, turn people into zombies and kill people. The romance is sweet and the action is intense and dangerous. A wonderful start to the Blade of the Rose series.

Simon Says by Bianca D'Arc ★★★★
I enjoyed this one as well but not quite as much. Simon wasn't as great a hero as Sam. And the zombies were a little too real. Simon's job was to dispatch these experiment-gone-wrong, genetically engineered marines but lost love Mariana just happens to have a house in the woods right in the middle of all the action. Not a bad story but again, I'm not much on zombies.