Raise the Titanic! - Clive Cussler I mostly enjoyed this book though the first 1/3 was rather boring and I kept thinking "WTH is NUMA and Pitt". It focused on the President and his secret defense agency and making their hopeful Sicilian Project a reality. I found that I liked Gene Seagram (though not his wife Dana) and Mel Donner but they were basically politicians with political agendas which were somewhat boring. I though it weird that the President hit on the wife of one of his scientists. WTF was up with that. I think Cussler adds bizarre sex scenes (not that the sex is bizarre, just the fact that sex occurs when it does) because he thinks thrillers and his heroes should be ladies men. The sex scenes come out of left field and have absolutely no bearing on the story itself. Totally pointless and strange (totally wham bam thank you mam).

I really liked the adventure, betrayal, spies and danger of actually raising the Titanic and thought that part of the book was well done and gripping. I also thought the whole Russia thing was contrived and unrealistic but what do I know. On the whole, I rather liked this Dirk Pitt adventure though Pitt didn't feature in as much of the book as I expected. Pitt is rather MacGyver-like and this book was no different. He pulled quite a few winners out of his ass and of course, saved the day more than once. Though not as good as other Pitt adventures (which are solid 5 star reads), this book was enjoyable enough to get me through my daily commutes for a full week.