Tiger's Curse (Book 1) - Colleen Houck I'm not sure what I was expecting but this book was a total surprise. Kelsey Hayes takes a summer job working at a circus and gets enraptured by the white tiger. They have an instant connection and when she is offered a chance to accompany Dhiren (the tiger) to a preserve in India, she jumps at the chance. Turns out Dhiren is an Indian prince who was cursed to forever live as a tiger. Now he is trying to break the curse and only Kelsey can help. The adventure is very Indiana Jonesish with then tromping all over the jungles of India searching for clues and trying to decipher the strange prophesy. I was enjoying this immensely and everything was going fine until Kelsey suddenly decides that Dhiren is too good for her and she steadily pushes him away. This obviously sets up the sequel but man did it piss me off. Of course, I will be reading Tiger's Quest as I'm dying to know what Kishan's destiny is.