V is for Vengeance - Sue Grafton This has a strange start and actually takes a while to even introduce Kinsey, the heroine of this series. I kept thinking WTH is going on and who are these people. Once it became clear, I enjoyed this multi-POV story. Of course since she is the heroine, we had Kinsey's take on things but we also get rich-girl Nora's outlook on life and even bad guy Dante's opinion on things. I found it interesting though at times totally illogical. I th9ought the entire character of Marvin to be bizarre. One minute he's all over Kinsey to find out what happened to his fiance Audrey and the next he's berating her for her strategy -- bipolar much? And what the heck is up with her eating at Rosie's Diner every night? It's one thing if the food is great but the bizarre Hungarian dishes are totally disgusting and inedible and Rosie barely speaks English so WTH is the point of going there night after night?

I haven't read this series in order but it doesn't even matter since Kinsey doesn't have a man so there isn't any build up of a relationship to worry about. She just floats from one investigation to another with her elderly landlord and friend Henry as her sounding board and her addiction to Rosie's to keep her grounded. A thoroughly enjoyable series that gets somewhat better as the books go on but somehow the annoying behaviors never change.