Demons Prefer Blondes - Sidney Ayers I enjoyed the storyline but I thought the book was too drawn out with too many irrelevant characters (though I'm sure they will have a place eventually). I love it when characters banter with snarky humor, but this wasn't so much snarky as childish humor. For most of the book, Lucy was really irritating and clueless. And Rafe was such a whiner with no self-esteem at all. It got to be annoying as hell. I'm hoping in future books the dialogue improves and the characters get some backbone. I actually liked the secondary characters Dominic (Rafe's best friend) and Serah (Lucy's) and poor Coby (Rafe's sister) better than the hero and heroine. I liked the world Ms. Ayers created and feel that future book such flow better now that all the initial info dumps are complete. Though I really think that Lucy was too accepting of her demon status especially since it totally came from left field. The most bizarre things were instantly taken as fact which seemed unlikely. All in all a decent start to the series; it surely peaked my interest.