Sins of the Heart - Eve Silver Roxy Tam, warrior for the Daughters of Aset and soul-reaper Dagan Krayl have a past. Unfortunately they cannot have a future because they are enemies. Dagan's father (Sutekh, a high demon) brutally murdered Aset's husband thousands of year ago. However when one of Sutekh's sons is brutally murdered, Dagan goes to Roxy for help. Roxy has never forgotten their previous encounter and dreams nightly of both killing Dagan and loving him. And of course, Dagan has never forgotten her either. The sexual tension is high and the violence between them is exciting. Will they or won't they?

I really liked Dagan, an a typical bad boy. His personality fits his character perfectly and his vulnerability with Roxy is sweet. Roxy is one kick-ass female who didn't give Dagan even one inch...ever! Loved it! The sex scene was tremendously exciting and very well written. Heck, I felt like a fly on the wall. Yum.