Compulsion - Keith Ablow I always enjoy the unraveling of the mystery in this series because the author has a diabolical mind and really buries the truth while laying a spectacular false trail. I do, however, find the inner workings of Dr. Frank Clevenger to be unrealistic and completely unbelievable. Without fail he has a sexual relationship with a seemingly innocent victim who usually winds up being the evil genius behind the mystery. He is a recovering alcoholic who always has meetings in bars and has one drink and walks away again and again. From my experience, once an alcoholic, always an alcoholic and one drink almost always deposits them back on the roller coaster of destruction. And, of course, in the nick of time, Dr. Clevenger pulls himself from the brink just in time to save himself from the perpetrator and cleverly solve the mystery.

This template works well for Keith Ablow and if you suspend your beliefs and rationality for the duration, it is an engaging and extremely suspenseful read.

My only problem with this book was the poor editing. Any decent editor should have caught that on day one, twin #1 was 5-months old and yet on day six, twin #2 was only 3-months old. I actually had to sit back and riffle through the pages to double check which was correct. And towards the end of the book, twin #2 was once again 5-months old.