Immortal Sea - Virginia Kantra This is Morgan's story...Morgan, of the love em and leave school of romance. He loved and left Elizabeth Ramsey when she was 16. It isn't until 16 years later that they meet again on another continent where Morgan becomes aware of his son, Zack. To the dying Finfolk, children are precious and few. His only goal is to take Zack back to Sanctuary and raise him as Finfolk instead of the hated humans. However, Zack's little sister Emily sucks Morgan in and causes his heart to finally open after hundreds of years. Will Morgan take Zack away? Will Morgan fall in love with Elizabeth? Will Morgan stay or return to Sanctuary? Those are the questions that kept me reading this book. It is an incredibly quick and easy read. Regardless of his womanizing, Morgan is very likeable and Elizabeth is fiercely independent and protective of her children. I liked the matchup of Morgan and Elizabeth. Both strong and determined to have it their way but of course, we all know that that wasn't going to work, something or someone has to give. The only surprise is who it turns out to be.