Running with the Demon  - Terry Brooks, Kate Burton This is the first book I've read by Terry Brooks and I loved it. I listened to the abridged version of the audiobook and it makes me really want to listen to the unabridged version for the remaining books in the series. The writing is spectacular and the scene-setting is truly amazing. You can feel and see everything that is described as if it is happening right in front of you. I was very impressed by everything about this story.

Nest Freemark is a 14 year old girl with magic. She patrols the park near her house with a sylvan (who looks like a stick figure) and a barn owl, fighting feeders which are some kind of scary demonic monster. A war is coming and the feeders are the precursors of death. They are stealing children and mauling them to death. Nest is very compassionate and feels it is her duty to help others so she teams up with John Ross, a Knight of the Word to defeat the demon who is terrorizing her town. This is the first book in The Word and the Void series and it is wonderfully creative and imaginative. I will definitely be getting my hands on A Knight of the Word to continue the adventures of John Ross and Nest Freemark.