Kill the Messenger - Tami Hoag One night bike messenger, Jace Damon gets called for a final run and his life is never the same again. Someone tried to kill him and now he's terrified and running. At 19, Jace is responsible for his orphaned brother, Tyler (10) and he doesn't know how to protect Tyler from this danger so he runs to draw the killer away. His dispatcher, Eta Fitzgerald is the funniest person in the story. Her one-liners will have you laughing out loud. I particularly liked this one when Kevin Parker was questioning her about Jace. "You're like a bad penny. Why don't you go spend yourself someplace else."

This is Jace's story but it is also detective Kevin Parker's story. I found Parker to be an all around good guy who has had a run of bad luck. He's a real romeo who uses his charm to further his investigation but in a humorous good way. Parker is one of those guys with personal problems but they just made him seem real and added depth to his character. He's had a tough road but he wasn't bitter about it (well maybe a little) so he just put his big boy pants on and dealt with it...his way. The fact that he had to train Renee Ruiz just put the icing on his situation. She is one of those females you just want to slap silly. I didn't like or trust her from the very beginning. She was just to stupid to be a cop let alone a detective. I was surprised when the truth came out but not shocked. What really shocked me was that Parker was able to deal with her without slapping her.

The only complaint I had was the shifting POV. I had a hard time figuring out who the heck was speaking. I've been looking to see if this is part of a series since I absolutely loved Parker's character and this book reads as if something came before but I can't find anything. I would so love to read more of Parker's adventures.