Gone Girl - Gillian Flynn I honestly tried to read this book. Really I did. I love a good psychological thriller but it has to draw you into the story and this just doesn't do it. There is absolutely nothing to like about Amy who we only meet through diary entries which just prove that she is a stupid catty bitch. And even though I liked Nick, it wasn't enough to keep me reading.

I'm stuck at work with nothing else to do so I might give this another try sometime today.

ETA: I tried and tried and tried to get into this book but I just couldn't stomach it. I don't know why I continue to try to read the books that get so much hype as I generally hate them and this one is no different. Heck I should have known better as I couldn't stand the first Gillian Flynn book I read [b:Dark Places|5886881|Dark Places|Gillian Flynn|http://d202m5krfqbpi5.cloudfront.net/books/1354988288s/5886881.jpg|6873353]. Sorry Ms. Flynn but I won't be reading anymore of your offerings.

I felt the diary entries were ridiculous. It was just too contrived. Yeah I understand it's the author's way of telling Amy's story but it's just not believable. I've read actual diary entries and no one pens pages and pages of word for word conversations. It sounds more like someone's efforts at writing a book rather than a diary.

After reading a few reviews and realizing that the first half was better than the second, I gave up the ghost at page 200. If what I'd read so far was the good stuff, there wasn't any way I could force myself to continue. I just didn't care about either character nor did I care where Amy went or whether Nick went to jail.