"P" is for Peril (Kinsey Millhone #16) - Sue Grafton I've pretty much enjoyed all the books in this series but though this one started good, it ended flat. Kinsey is hired by the ex-wife of Dr. Dowan Purcell who has been missing for 9 weeks. Kinsey dislikes Fiona but takes the case anyway. This shows in Kinsey's attitude toward the case and the participants. A decided lack of feeling or even interest in a resolution. There really isn't a single person in this investigation that is likable which makes caring about the ending difficult. This actually morphs into a second investigation involving medicare fraud and Dr. Purcell - which also wasn't very interesting. On the other hand, Kinsey is looking for new office space and rents cheap space from the Hevener brothers who turn out to be rather shady and dangerous. To me, this was the only exciting story line in the entire book.

Unlike the other alphabet books, this one ends very abruptly and leaves the reading hanging. Yeah sure Kinsey found Dr. Purcell but she didn't explain the whole Leila/Paulie/money thing or the Jaffe/Broadus medicare fraud investigation. I don't like when all the storylines aren't tied up with a neat bow at the end. What's the point of introducing all these little plots, if you're not going to bring them to a conclusion. Usually Kinsey writes a note for her files or talks the whole case out with Henry but not this time. It just ends.