Scales And A Tail - Stormy Glenn When the Elder Council proclaimed that all shifters would have to find a mate in 24 hours or else, dragon shifter Sebastian was incensed. As he was running for the door, Beauregard, a bunny shifter is fleeing a werewolf determined to snag him. Sebastian jumps in and rescues the poor bunny and ends up mated to him. I was okay with this scenario -except for the date-rape-like drugs used by the Elders - until Mr. bunny shifter turns up pregnant. Yup I said MISTER bunny is pregnant. I found this concept bizarre and totally unrealistic besides the improbability of this in itself. At this point I was done with this book but I did really like Sebastian and Beauregard so I finished it.

If you can get past the ridiculousness of this book, it is rather cute and very funny and the bunny is a great character - Sebastian too of course.