Valley of Dust - Karoleen Vry Brucks I thought this story was just mediocre. It reads like a first draft that wasn't improved upon by an editor or even a beta-reader. For example, halfway through the book the detectives named changed from Michael Jones, to Michael Brown and then back again a few chapters later. All the characters were two-dimensional and Selene just accepted really bizarre things without a blink. It was totally unrealistic and when she suddenly too over the Council, come on gimme a break.

I also hated how both Selene and Lucian blamed the one-night stand and the fallout on Anton. Selene initiated the one-night stand and the fallout was Lucian being a jealous jerk showing Selene something she shouldn't have seen. Anton didn't do anything to Selene. Sure he had other girlfriends (whom he killed) but this didn't impact his one-night stand with Selene.

There was too much telling and not enough showing. Case in point the five year jump in time after her son was kidnapped. What mother would allow 5 years to pass with no reaction whatsoever? And the plot was way too convenient. What was up with her parent's sudden change of attitude after years of ignoring her?

All in all a series I won't be continuing.