Black Rose (In the Garden #2) - Nora Roberts Roz Harper has hired genealogist Mitchell Carnegie to research Amelia, the ghost haunting Harper House. Amelia is getting progressively more violent which is troublesome because there are now children in the house. Mitch is instantly attracted to Roz and Roz is oblivious. The courtship is sweet and very romantic. Of course, ex-husband Bryce Clerk causes trouble left and right but surprisingly Roz handles him beautifully.

This one focuses alot on the gardening aspect of the series In The Garden since Roz is the owner. I admit to skipping alot of the "plant/gardening" discussions. I really liked Mitch as he's an absent-minded professor type guy which I've always found attractive and endearing. Roz is a really strong female who doesn't need a man but discovers that she wants one...this one. Another totally enjoyable romance by Nora Roberts.