Neverfall - Brodi Ashton I always like getting the villain's POV and seeing his reaction to certain scenes. This was no different but I felt that Cole's entire personality changed and not for the better. He was so together, determined and complex in Everneath but in Neverfall he was kind of pathetic and hormonal. Don't get me wrong, I like Cole but I wanted to know more about him which didn't happen. I was hoping to find out how he was brought to Everneath the first time and his transition to the bad guy. I don't fault him for taking Nikki (though he was a little underhanded there). After all, he was just looking out for number one (like we all do.) Oh well, onto [b:Everbound|13115995|Everbound (Everneath, #2)|Brodi Ashton||18289996].