The Fifth Witness - Michael Connelly Business is tough for Mickey Haller, his ex-wife Lorna and her new husband Sysco. With the boom in foreclosures, Mickey takes his business in a new direction - fighting the banks for the downtrodden in danger of loosing their homes. One such client is Lisa Trammel and her case seems to be going in the right direction until Lisa is arrested for the murder a bank executive. Then it really hits the fan. This is a roller coaster ride of craziness with many ups and downs not necessarily associated with the case. Andrew Freeman, the prosecutor, is something else and really got on my nerves.

Every once in a while I like a good courtroom drama so I picked this up to continue the terrific Mickey Haller series. Mickey is an interesting character who plays the jury like a fiddle. I loved his skillful moves and his wild misdirection. Obviously he's going to win but the ending was certainly a surprise. Mr. Connelly has a knack for grabbing your attention from the first chapter and holding it until the final reveal.