Intervention - Robin Cook Had I realized this book centered around the Virgin Mary and Jesus Christ, I would have skipped it. I expected a typical Robin Cook medical mystery which this most certainly was not. If you are a religious person, you might enjoy this pseudo-thriller. But I could barely stomach it.

The book involves three old college friends: Jack Stapleton, a medical examiner; Shawn Daughtry, an archeologist; and James O'Rourke, a catholic priest who haven't seen or spoken to each other in many years. Most of the book detailed Jack Stapleton's day to day work in the morgue interspersed with his infant son's cancer treatments. None of which have anything to do with the ultimate story and in hind sight were strictly filler. Shawn Daughtry has an incredible find in Egypt that translates into a disaster for the catholic church and Father O'Rourke is terrified of what this will do to Catholics around the world.