Unhallowed Ground - Heather Graham Heather Graham has always been hit or miss with me. This one is great until the very end where the bad guy suddenly "comes out of the closet" rather abruptly. It almost seemed as if the characters weren't getting to the correct conclusion fast enough, so the author just throw the confession out there. This would have had a 5 star rating except for the ending.

Out-of-towner Caleb Anderson is in St. Augustine searching for two women gone missing a year apart. Caleb is a paranormal investigator usually investigating something ghost related. Here he is in the ghost capital of the US so something ghostly definitely has to be happening. Sarah McKinley is a native who just returned to St. Augustine and purchased an historical mansion. During the renovations, bones have been discovered in one of the walls. The mysteries keep adding up: a body washes ashore, a man is found in the river dead in his car, a woman is attacked but survives, one of the investigators is acting suspicious, the appearance of a civil war ghost, and we can't forget about the disturbed earth in the cemetery.

I was disappointed in the ending but all the events leading up to it were very suspenseful and there wasn't any clues to the baddie. I hadn't a clue and was genuinely surprised.