Everlasting Kiss - Amanda Ashley Daisy is an entrepreneur. Instead of being a vampire hunter like everyone else in her family, she sells vampire blood on the interest. Unfortunately she's stealing it from the vampires and believe it or not, they have a major problem with being violated.

Erik meets Daisy at a vampire bar and is instantly attracted. Too bad he doesn't know that she is the Blood Thief, as it would make his job of finding and executing the Blood Thief a whole lot easier.

The sexual tension between Daisy and Erik is intense. Daisy so hates vampires and can't actually be attracted to one...can she? I enjoyed the moral dilemma Daisy faced as well as the emotional one. Could she really give up Erik and live life without him?

I also liked Rhys who is the Master of the City of Los Angeles and a friend of Erik's. When Rhys' life is in danger from hunters (Daisy's family), Erik plays both sides in order to help his best friend as well as not betray his love. I understand that Rhys gets his own book next. I can't wait to see what human he falls for because you know it's gonna happen that way.