Sleeping Arrangements - Madeleine Wickham This is the first (and only) book I'll read by Madeleine Wickham. What absolute crap! Of the 4 main characters, none of them is likable. Nor do any of them "mature" throughout the book. The writing is flat, the characters are one-dimensional and the plot is just so-so. Had I not needed a book set in Spain, I would have given up on this book in the first 50 pages. This could have been a good book but the females were bitchy and bossy and the males were just neurotic dishrags. Ugh what a waste of time.

I've read her writing as Sophie Kinsella and I must say that Sophie is a much better writer. It's almost as if Ms Wickham is schizophrenic and Sophie is the happy one personality while Madeline is the depressed, suicidal one. It's truly amazing how one person can have two totally differently writing styles.