On Call In Hell: A Doctor's Iraq War Story - Richard Jadick, Thomas Hayden, Richard Jadick This is a quick read that should have a profound impact on each and every American reader. It's a very moving story that gives you a real appreciation for our troops and what they risk on a daily basis so you can enjoy the freedom of living in America. The story really brings home how grateful we should all feel to those brave, loyal and dedicated men and women who fight to provide a safe environment for every one else.

Though it's easy to read, the writing tends to jump around and doesn't really flow as it should. Sometimes it gets bogged down in Cdr Jadick personal history which is interspersed between battles. Though IMHO the horrors of war are such that a little levity was appreciated to make the reading less traumatic for us non-military persons. I did think that the depiction of each and every Marine as brave, loyal and dedicated was a bit of a cliche. In my experience there's good and bad everywhere and the fact that each and every person in Cdr Jadick's sphere of influence was perfect just seemed incomprehensible and unrealistic.